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Five years ago when Stephen Kushner's wife was diagnosed with cancer, he was able to find a beautiful, natural-looking wig for her fairly easily -- but only because he had been in the hair business for years and knew where to look. A friend of his, on the other hand, had a terrible experience in a wig store where she wound up with what she described as a "rat" on her head.

That was when Kushner decided to start Wigs at Home.

"I wanted to offer people the same service I had given my wife," says co-founder, Kushner, who typically works with other cancer patients.

Aside from making house calls, Wigs at Home further customizes its service by visiting clients prior to chemotherapy. "We like to see them before treatment starts," says Kushner, "when they have their original hair, so that we are able to match the wig to their hair or at least find a similar looking wig."

Stylists then teach clients how to put their wig on correctly, brush it and clean it. It's an experience that saves clients added stress during an already emotional time of their lives says Kushner.

While the wig styles vary just the way any hairstyle does, the most requested look is the same one salons are asked to recreate all the time: the Jennifer Anniston "Rachel" hair.

"Some of the clients have actually discovered that they like the wigs better than their own hair!" says Kushner.

Kushner says choosing a wig is just like choosing any hairstyles -- it has to complement the shape of the face and skin tone. It also has to fit well -- the biggest problem most women face.

"The most rewarding part of this business," Kushner says, "is when a client tries on a wig and looks in the mirror with a smile on her face that says, 'Okay, now I can deal with this part of my illness.' I feel like I have made this part of their journey a little better for them."

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