Leggings, ballet flats and jellies have all made their way from wistful '80s memories to today's best recycled trends.

Now three '80s hair icons are revamping their lines with new, more modern launches in hopes of sharing the same fate.

And it makes perfect sense. Who can reflect on the decade of sequins, shoulder pads and extravagance without remembering those gravity-defying hair styles?
Finesse Revitality Hair Care Line

Finesse's new ReVitality line of anti-aging haircare. Courtesy Photo

Finesse's classic blue bottle was many a shower shelf mainstay back in the day, but the brand has switched to a more vibrant light blue bottle with easy open and close caps with the launch of their ReVitality line.

Created to specifically address aging hair issues like thinning, limpness and dryness, the products pack CoQ10, collagen and antioxidants into a luxuriously rich formula.

But don't worry -- Finesse isn't tinkering around with that yummy scent.

"We did a lot of consumer research and found that even years after Finesse first launched, women still had fond memories of the fresh Finesse fragrance, the blue bottles and the crazy hairstyles they had when using Finesse. I remember one woman said that Finesse has got to be a good shampoo because her hair was so big back then, yet it survived. So, we redesigned the packaging in 2009, retaining the signature blue color and the great smelling, highly conditioning formulas," a Finesse executive tells StyleList.

Aqua Net Hair Spray

Aqua Net hair Extra Super Hold Hair Spray gets a makeover. Photo. Walmart.com

And speaking of big hair, the most iconic hairspray of all time -- AquaNet -- has given their best-selling Extra Super Hold Hair Spray a makeover, too. Beloved by '50s housewives in need of coiffing their Donna Reed 'dos, the strong hold hair spray saw its heyday in the '80s, when virtually every middle and high school teen teased and spritzed with the spray for a hair-raising style that was worthy of a yearbook picture.

The formula may be an oldie, but it's still a goldie, according to an official Good Housekeeping seal of approval test that took place this past March.

"A mainstay since the '50s, and now we know why: our test's overall winner, it held hairstyles for up to six hours in 90 percent humidity. Testers raved about the product, saying it left their hair feeling soft, not stiff, and that they liked its scent," says the Good Housekeeping review.

AquaNet has also launched a Sparkling Hair Gel to target the younger demographic who may not have the same recognition for the brand as older generations do.

The gel combines AquaNet's strong hold with an iridescent sparkle and clean scent that is marketed for a fun, yet functioning addition to updos like ponytails and buns. We hear it's popular with the gymnastics, dance and cheerleading crowd for practice and competitions.

And for the '80s girl who was serious about her hair care, Pantene's big bottles filled with that distinctive clean hair scent and rich quick-to-foam lather was a favorite.

Parent company Procter & Gamble has since poured big bucks into six years worth of research, 500 scientific tests and feedback from more than 20,000 women to completely redesign the line of products. Instead of dividing products simply by hair thickness, the new formulas focus on the way our individual strands interact with one another.

Pantene Pro-V Hair Care

The new and improved Pantene Pro-V Hair Care Solutions Series. Photo: Courtesy of Pantene

For example, thin strands need more protein cushioning so that they don't fall flat against one another, while curly hair types need conditioning that doesn't affect the curl structure so that strands don't kink out of dryness.

Thick hair absorbs 40% more water than the other types, which is why you often see frizz.The solution? Create a formula that gently smoothes each strand and minimizes frizz-inducing friction between them.

When we recently went behind-the-scenes at the Pantene labs in Cincinnati, we learned that the deliciously addictive new Pantene scent is a combination of blackberry plum, white orchid, gardenia, violet, Linden blossom, tuberose, heartwoods and musk.

A factor that's spear-heading the return of all three '80s icons is the price. You can find all of the new products at your local drugstore for just a few bucks each.

Because while trends may come and go, getting a real good bang for your buck never goes out of style.