Ever thought of choosing your hairstyles by face shape? The right haircut and hairstyle can draw attention to your best facial features, and shift attention from anything you want to disguise. In our video series, The Perfect Haircut for Your Face Shape, we explore the styles that look best on round, oval, square, long, and heart shaped faces.

Kerry, before and after her Perfect Haircut for My Face makeover. Photos: Cory Sorensen

Fine, limp hair can elongate a long face shape, but with a few tricks from celebrity hairstylist Andy Lecompte, you can turn a flat situation into a downright flattering one!

Meet Kerry -- a beautiful brunette with hair that Lecompte describes as "ultra fine".

The first step to working with a long face shape is to shorten the length and add volume at the crown. "That will help you with your features and give you a little more bounce and movement to your hair," says Lecompte.

He then adds a lot of layers to Kerry's hair and lengthens her bangs to create a soft fringe around the cheeks.

The final step is to dry the hair at its roots and place two Velcro rollers at the crown for an added "bump". Lecompte also suggests moving the part over to create more of a sweeping look across the face.

These tricks not only de-emphasize Kerry's longer face shape, but they emphasize her best features. Just look at how her hazel eyes pop!

"I love it!" she says.

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