Iran men's hair bans mullet ponytails

An Iranian official shows authorized men's hairstyles. Photo: AFP/ Getty Images

Our prayers have finally been answered: mullets have been banned!

Unfortunately, the ruling only applies to Iran, which has issued a style guide on appropriate hairstyles for Muslim men, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The country's culture ministry launched the hair handbook in an effort to weed out "decadent Western cuts," according to the paper.

So what got the cut (dah dum dum)? Mullets (yay!), ponytails, and spiked 'dos. May we also suggest the Bieber?

Men, however, are still reportedly free to rock side parts, pompadours, and previously taboo goatees, while hair gel also gets an official thumbs up, provided it's not used excessively.

"The proposed styles are inspired by Iranians' complexion, culture and religion, and Islamic law," Jaleh Khodayar, organizer of this month's Modesty and Veil Festival, told the Telegraph.

"We are happy that the Islamic republic of Iran's government has backed us in designing these hairstyles."

And MacGyver wannabes beware. That mullet may cost you, as barber shops offering Western hairstyles have been penalized in recent years, the paper reports.

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