January Jones yellow pailette dress malibu magazine Blue Issue

January Jones gets her party on for Malibu magazine in a yellow paillette dress. Photo courtesy of Malibu Magazine

Who you callin' Mrs. Draper?

"Mad Men" beauty January Jones transforms from a Grace Kelly look-alike to a glam disco diva for Malibu magazine's Blue Issue, which highlights her work as an ocean conservation activist for Oceana.

But if you were expecting her to don boat shoes and a rain slicker, you thought wrong.

Instead, the actress wears clavicle-scraping gold chain earrings, a wavy blonde pompadour, and an oil slick-esque slinky black top that nearly exposes her, er, Great Barrier Reefs.

(Note to Joan Harris: Be afraid. Be very afraid.)

Inside, Jones shows off her inner sexpot in a blue bikini under a crocheted dress with fringed sleeves, as well as a clear blue plastic-looking cover-up with puffy shoulders.

Another shot -- taken by photographer Michael Williams -- sees her in a seaweed-style lemongrass paillette cocktail dress (above), metallic nails, and a slicked-back bob. What, did they have a dunking booth on the set?

The former model also opens up about her passion for ocean life, her career, and her unusual moniker.

"I have always loved my name," she says.

"You couldn't really make fun of it because it is a month. If anything, now people don't believe it is my real name.

"I was born in January, and my sisters and I are all J-J -- and I love it."

Fair enough. Besides, we know better than to tease a gal who's got sharks on her side.

january jones blue sheer top blue bra malibu magazine Blue Issue

Into the blue: January Jones gets edgy in a string bikini under a sheer top. Photo courtesy of Malibu Magazine

For more images and the full interview, visit Malibu's Web site or pick up their current issue, on sale now.

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