JWoWW 'Filthy Couture' fashion show cleavage jersey shore

JWoWW at her 'Filthy Couture' fashion show in Las Vegas. Photo: Getty Images

If you caught the red-carpet coverage from last month's MTV Movie Awards, you may recall busty "Jersey Shore" star Jenni Farley, aka JWoWW, breaking the news that her new fashion line, aptly named Filthy Couture, was on its way. And now folks, it's here!

JWoWW touched down in Vegas over the holiday weekend for her first ever Filthy Couture fashion show, a 38-look collection filled with string bikinis, Daisy Dukes, and cut-out minidresses, naturally.

The event also coincided with the launch of the e-commerce Web site, FilthyCouture.com, where you can score all the cleavage-y goods.

So just what is Filthy Couture? StyleList caught up with the reality TV guidette to find out.

StyleList: Why the name Filthy Couture?
It goes hand-in-hand with the lifestyle that I grew up with -- house music. We use terms like "dirty beats" and "filthy beats," which is like the hard-core house music we listen to. Anyone on the East Coast can understand that "filthy" doesn't mean "dirty," but filthy beats as in the music.

SL: Why did you go the fashion-designer route?
WW: I've always been interested in doing a line, and when the show premiered, a lot of girls were asking where I got my jeans and shirts. I made them all, just taking another designer's clothes and customizing them. At first I was just going to remake the sling-back shirt and ripped jeans [I wore on the show], but now I'm collaborating with some other small businesses to do this.

SL: At the MTV Movie Awards, we saw you wearing a pink, sparkly low-cut Filthy Couture dress. Is that the type of thing we should expect to see in the rest of the collection?
WW: The one I wore at the MTV Awards was handmade. So something like that will be on the more expensive side since it's made to order and they are hand-beaded with Swarovski crystals. The dress I wore to the "Hard Times of RJ Berger" premiere is going to be along the lines of what I'm selling, which is more affordable clothing.

There are bathing suits and dresses on the site now, and there will be T-shirts and jeans this fall. The bathing suits are two extremes: They are either really girly or have the rocker look with chains. The dresses are going to be sleek, casual, and sexy. I used lace and a polyester-lace mix, and they all have details around the bustline. I'll have some prints coming out in two months.

JWoWW Filthy Couture fashion show jersey shore short jean shorts feathered midriff top pink dress blue bandage dress

Three looks from the Filthy Couture runway. Photos: Getty Images (3)

SL: What are the price points?
WW: The bathing-suit separates will go for $50 to $80, dresses are $150 to $350, and the more extreme handmade pieces will be over $1,000. The T-shirts will be from $60 to $100, and so will the jeans.

SL: You've become known for your cleavage. Is that something that's prominent in your collection?
WW: Yes and no. A lot of [the pieces] are form-fitting and they will show cleavage. But there will be some padding and padded bras inside the dresses, so if you don't have cleavage, you can look like you do. A lot of the pieces are more covered up if you don't want to go that extreme.

SL: Were you inspired by any other designers for this collection?
WW: When I get inspiration off of other people's [collections], I turn away. I think if I'm inspired by you, it might look too much alike. That's why my T-shirts haven't launched yet. I thought they were too last year. If I see a shirt that I've designed and it looks too much like Affliction or Ed Hardy, I think, No -- because it's already been done.

SL: Do you have plans to launch anything else?
WW: I want to launch a tanning line -- a bronzer to amplify your color and accelerators for the tanning beds. After that, I'd also like to work on daily bronzers to use without going into a tanning bed.

There's a skin-care line with my doctor, Dr. Greenberg, I've been working on. It's premature now, but hopefully in the next couple of months we'll have something solid. It'll be for young teens with acne and skin problems.

I would probably [have a New York Fashion Week show] in February, but because we might be filming again, we're not sure. And hopefully I'll start a purse line. I don't want to just throw my name on anything. I want to be hands-on and have everything be my own; perfect it, and make sure it's all 100 percent.

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