"American Idol's" Crystal Bowersox shows off her new smile via Twitter. Photo: Twitter

After initially saying, "No thank you, New York dentist. I am beautiful exactly the way I am," on her Facebook page, "American Idol" runner-up, Crystal Bowersox, has apparently had a change of heart -- or teeth.

The bohemian-style singer often criticized for her looks, including her gap-toothed grin, took a seat in the dentist's chair to fix her pearly whites before going on the "American Idol Live! Tour" this summer.

Bowersox's rep reportedly told People magazine that the missing tooth has been replaced. It also appears her teeth have been whitened.

"What's NOT missing in this picture?????? Yeah. That's right," the singer recently tweeted.

Looking good, Crystal!

Now about those dreadlocks...

What do you think of Bowersox's new teeth? Do you think this will help her career or do you think looks don't matter?

Speaking of teeth, did you know these two things can stain them?