Wayne Rooney Fabio Cannavar most beautiful ugliest soccer players BeautifulPeople.com

Wayne Rooney (left) was voted ugliest, and Fabio Cannavaro (right), most beautiful, in a new poll. Photos: Samir Hussein, Getty Images | Vittorio Zunino Celotto, Getty Images

Ain't that a kick in the head!

Team England captain Wayne Rooney has been named the ugliest soccer star on the planet.

In fact, according to a recent poll conducted by BeautifulPeople.com -- a dating site that admits beautiful people only, natch! -- Rooney's team was crowned the second homeliest of all the World Cup leagues, reports the London Telegraph.

"The England team do have very beautiful wives and girlfriends," notes BeautifulPeople.com managing director Greg Hodge, "but this is surely due to their bank accounts which certainly makes them a lot more attractive."


So which team turned out to be filled with the fugliest footballers? "Collectively, the worst looking team is Algeria," says Hodge. "The term 'trophy head' could have been coined for most of their team." Sorry we asked!

Also on Team Buttahface (besides England and Algeria): Switzerland, Australia, Serbia, and North Korea.

Over 200,000 pretty-on-the-outside-but-ugly-on-the-inside people participated in the ego-deflating poll, which also included a roundup of some faces the participants deemed worthy of looking at.

My fellow Americans, you can relax -- we fared well: According to the poll, the most attractive teams are Spain, Italy, Brazil, France, Denmark, and the USA.

"The most beautiful player according to our members is Italy's Fabio Cannavaro, followed by two Spanish players, Fernando Torres and David Villa," says Hodge of the lineup, which also includes Portugal player/Emporio Armani underwear model Cristiano Ronaldo.

"American talisman Landon Donovan, who wept after he helped the USA win their group, was voted fourth most beautiful player"


"There is a direct correlation between being attractive and being a great football player," notes BeautifulPeople.com founder Robert Hintze. "Many of the 'most attractive' players are also the best players. Many of them, however, have been let down by their worse-looking teammates."

Again, with the insults! Let's just hope Hintze and all his beautiful people never come across Rooney and Team Algeria in a dark alley.

Below, a complete list of the best- and worst-looking World Cup dudes.

Most beautiful (in order of attractiveness):
1. Fabio Cannavaro, Italy
2. Fernando Torres, Spain
3. David Villa, Spain
4. Landon Donovan, USA
5. Thierry Henry, France
6. Edinson Cavani, Urugay
7. Kaka, Brazil
8. Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal
9. Didier Drogba, Ivory Coast
10. Keisuke Honda, Japan
11. David James, England

Most ugly
1. Wayne Rooney, England
2. Franck Ribery, France
3. Carlos Tevez, Argentina
4. Vladimir Stojkovic, Serbia
5. Benjamin Huggel, Switzerland
6. Zdenko Strba, Slovakia
7. Rafik Saifi, Algeria
8. Scott Chipperfield, Australia
9. John Terry, England
10. Ryan Nelson, New Zealand
11. Daniel Agger, Denmark

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