Betsey Johnson

Our favorite spunky designer, Betsey Johnson, will relaunch her first fragrance.Photo: John Parra/

Which cartwheel-turning, pigtail-loving designer is always surprising us?

Why Betsey Johnson, of course!

The Madonna of the fashion world is constantly reinventing herself and, it seems, her fragrance offerings.

After releasing a new fragrance several years ago that flopped, the designer has signed on with Inter Parfums Inc. to launch perfumes, personal care products, and makeup.

First on the agenda is a retooling of her original perfume from 1982. "It was a favorite, one of those do-it-yourselfers," she said. "We got as close as we could [to the original formula]," she said of new fragrance with Inter Parfums at a press conference in her New York showroom.

Johnson feels pretty strongly about having a scent in her lineup, explaining, "I think that after some kind of clothing existence, a designer needs a fragrance. It's just like you have dessert after dinner."

While the designer did not reveal much about the scent, she did mention what it won't smell like, "It ain't gonna be au naturel, sweet, foodlike - like chocolate - [or] patchouli."

In true Johnson form, the perfume will be available at boutiques, online, at an unnamed retail chain in an eau de toilette variety, plus "Betsey-inspired, nontraditional forms of fragrance delivery," according to Andy Clarke, president of Inter Parfums USA LLC.

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