Lisa Rinna is often preceded by her pout-rageous lips. Photo: Getty Images

We've all seen it happen so many times before.

A beautiful celebrity starts experimenting with lip injections -- and before you know it, she's sporting a severe case of puffy trout pout that has everyone sadly shaking their heads.

To prevent this kind of impeding disaster for other lip injection patients, Miami Beach cosmetic dentist Dr. Robert Gordon has created the first template for lip classification and augmentation that trained doctors can follow so as not to over-inject.

"Oftentimes physicians inject an equal amount in the bottom and top lip and hope for the best. This is why we see so many botched procedures. My classification system actually gives patients the look they desire by working with the individual's needs, and providing a very detailed and exact augmentation of the lips," says Dr. Gordon.

Dr. Gordon founded Vermillion Dollars Lips (VDL) to provide training to physicians who want to offer patients lip augmentation using the classification system. The chart, which you can view at the bottom of this story, is based on six basic lip styles: the Classic, Rubina, Cupid, Pearlique, Hollywood and Angelic.

The Classic is the most natural-looking of all, and is recommended for women who have lost volume due to aging and want a subtle restoration.The Rubina is a slightly fuller look that should only be placed on women whose face shape matches the guidelines.

If a youthful pout is what you're after, the Cupid is an ideal match.

And the Pearlique, Hollywood and Angelic styles work best for women who want lush fullness without stepping over the line and overdoing it.

We're hoping someone sends Lisa Rinna the memo.

The Vermillion Dollars Lips (VDL) Classification System. Courtesy Photo