Vanessa Paradis Chanel Marie Claire UK August 2010 cover

Vanessa Paradis, decked out in Chanel, on the August cover of Marie Claire UK. Photo: Matt Jones

Oh, what we wouldn't give to be Vanessa Paradis for just a day -- or a month.

Not only is she shacked up with the perpetually swoon-worthy Johnny Depp, with whom she has two kids, but she's also besties with Karl Lagerfeld (assuring her, we're sure, tons of Chanel freebies).

In the August issue of Marie Claire UK, the 37-year-old singer/model/actress makes our envy grow even more, as she's photographed playing around in Chanel duds -- form-fitting black minidresses, gobs of baubles, an iconic tweed jacket, pants embellished with rosettes, and a sequin-trimmed jacket tucked into high-waisted briefs and paired with sexy OTK boots -- and dishes about how she's kept the passion alive in her 12-year relationship with Depp.

(Surprisingly, it seems there is more to it than the fact that, y'know, he's Johnny Depp.)

"First of all, you have to be lucky enough to find the right person," says the Chanel Coco Rogue lipstick and Coco Cocoon handbag model.

"Next, the fact that we're not together every day plays a big part in keeping our relationship stable. And then we also have a lot of respect and admiration for each other. We understand that, if we want our relationship to continue, we must give each other space, allow each other to go off on our own and trust each other."

The famously gap-toothed beauty continues: "Not everyone is lucky enough to be given space and trust. You're really lucky if you find someone you can trust when you spend time apart.

"But it's more complicated than that. Keeping love alive should be like the way you live your life: you don't eat the same meal every day, you don't read the same book, you don't listen to the same CD. When you are a couple, you need to go off alone and discover things for yourself."

As for the two of them making a film together, don't hold your breath.

Vanessa Paradis Chanel Marie Claire UK August 2010 sequin-trimmed jacket high-waisted briefs over-the-knee boots knit dress

Paradis continues the Chanel-themed photo shoot inside the August issue of Marie Claire UK. Photo: Matt Jones

"A few years ago we were both going to be on the set of Terry Gilliam's "Don Quixote" film but shooting stopped," she says. "Frankly, the thought of filming with him would scare me to death. It's not that I don't want to, but I would be frightened that I wouldn't be up to his standard because he's so talented. And I don't know if I would be able to lie in front of him."

Asked to describe her style, the chic Frenchwoman, who began modeling for Chanel nearly 20 years ago, says she can't quite pin it down.

"Three words -- Im, poss, ible," she says.

More like -- In, cred, ible.

To see more pictures from Paradis's shoot, head over to, and read her complete interview in the August issue, on newsstands now.

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