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Blue jean babes: Vanessa Hudgens and Victoria Beckham show how denim is done in the current issue of Teen Vogue.

When it comes to looking sexy, Victoria Beckham chalks it up to good jeans.

"Fit is very, very important," the Spice Girl turned denim (and dress) designer tells the August issue of Teen Vogue.

"You want a jean that is superflattering but also relatively practical. You need to be able to move around in it. When I wear a skinny jean" -- and really, for Beckham, is there any other kind? --"I like it to have a little bag around the knee and the ankle. It's more modern than something that is tight, tight, tight."

And while she may be busy running a fashion empire, trotting the globe with soccer stud husband David Beckham, playing mom to three young boys, and acting as the new Creative Design Executive for Range Rover -- yes, you read that right -- Beckham still manages to keep her perfectly mascaraed eye on all those little denim details.

"I spend a lot of time making sure we get it right with the wash because there's a big difference between something that looks authentic and something that looks like it's been made," she explains.

's "fashion-forward and quite European" line has garnered a legion of celebrity fans, including "High School Musical" star Vanessa Hudgens, for whom the Posh one customized a pair of jeans, which the actress wore in Teen Vogue.

Taking gray jeans and a few simple, everyday household items like, oh, say, sandpaper, gray paint and silver leaf, a paint tray and mixer, and a bicycle tire -- you know, the kind of stuff you keep in your junk drawer -- the gals created dazzling denim that Hudgens modeled for photographer David Mushegain.

And it probably won't be long before Beckham is trying to get inside Hudgens's pants. "Everything that I design," she says simply, "I wear."

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