Note to Team Aniston: Stop reading NOW.

Okay, but don't say we didn't warn you. After all, you're bound to feel a little depressed/enraged upon reading that Angelina Jolie has gotten a new tattoo in honor of lover Brad Pitt, she tells MTV News.

Did we mention it's on her inner thigh? Gulp.

"Um, it's for Brad," the mother of six confessed to MTV when asked about the new ink, which can just barely be made out in shots from her recent Vanity Fair spread, as seen in the above video. (Pause on black short-shorts.)

Unfortunately for our nosy minds, she reportedly kept mum about the actual image, but we've got a few ideas...

"Property of Brad?" An arrow? "Jen Who?" Only Ange, Brad, and her bikini waxer know for sure!

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