Halle Berry daughter Nahla matching jeans white tees

Halle Berry and daughter Nahla go twinsies! Photo: Apg/X17online.com

Normally, the site of a mother and daughter dressed the same makes us choke on our Cheerios.

We'd rather endure a "SpongeBob SquarePants" marathon than see a cutesy-wootsie, matchy-matchy family parading around town.

But in the case of Halle Berry, 43, and her darling daughter Nahla Aubry, 2, we're making an exception to the rule.

The gorgeous pair was spotted out and about at L.A.'s Griffith Park, both sporting faded cuffed and baggy blue jeans and short-sleeved white shirts.

Berry is no longer with Nahla's dad, 34-year-old model Gabriel Aubry -- the two broke up in April. However, the Daily Mail reports, the former flames will be living in the same house in South Africa in the coming months so Aubry can take care of Nahla while Berry films the deep-sea thriller "Dark Tide."

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