New York-based designer Thuy has custom designed a $45 headband with all proceeds going to Shoe4Africa.

Who knew that celebrity hairstylist Rodney Cutler is also an Ironman-winning triathlon athlete?

But the story gets even better.

The Australia native recently hosted a Shoe4Africa fundraiser at his New York City salon, to raise funds to build the first public children's hospital in Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as, awareness for the charity which empowers Africans through sports, education and health initiatives to spread AIDs awareness.

Cutler and Toby Tanser, founder of Shoe4Africa, will take on a "Sea to the Stars" athletic feat of awe-inspiring proportions this November.

The two friends will run from the rich green coast of Mombasa to the extreme heat of the inland through rural Kenya and the teeming wildlife and sprawling African regions of Tsavo and Tanzania. From there, Cutler and Tanser will make it to Moshi and end with a challenging climb through the cruel arctic conditions of Africa's largest mountain -- Mount Kilimanjaro.

The entire run will total a staggering 250 miles.

"The peak is not the end of the journey. Touching the stars is just the beginning of our journey to break ground and build the first public children's hospital in Sub Saharan Africa," says Tanser.

Amazingly enough, Tanser's audacious idea came from a near-death experience when a planned run with friends up Mt. Kilimanjaro to celebrate the new millennium was changed at the last minute.

"On the beach, I was attacked by two men with a machete and a baseball bat, for my running shoes. It took me eleven days to get out of Africa, a nightmare. Being treated for my smashed skull, the clinic did not have antibiotics or anesthetics; if I had stayed in Africa, I would have died given the offered health care," says Tanser.

"Eight years later, during the Kenyan clashes, I discovered the facts that amazed me; there was no public children's hospital in Sub-Saharan Africa," adds Tanser.

Not long after, the "Sea to the Stars" idea was born.

To donate to the cause, visit And if you'd like to purchase Thuy's $45 African-themed, custom headscarves -- with 100% of the proceeds benefiting Shoe4Africa -- call the Cutler Salon at 212-308-3838.

We wish the daring duo Godspeed and lots of running shoes.