Twiggy's short locks are perfect for summers in humid climates. Photo: Getty Images

Whether summer is a hair-raising or hair-flattening time for you, the heat, humidity and sun can turn anyone's bad hair day into a bad hair season.

Luckily, there are some tricks of the trade to help you rock your locks all summer long.

But you might want to alter your length based on your locale. "Depending on where you live, longer hairstyles are great for summer," says celebrity stylist and salon owner, Billy Lowe. "This gives way to those sexy wind-blown locks that seem effortless. But in humid environments where hair may have a tendency to swell, shorter styles are often en vogue and they are easier to maintain."

Each hair length and texture should also be treated with specific direction during the steamy summer months. Here are tips for every type:

Short Hair:
If you have shorter locks, that means that your hair can pull off soft textured looks that can be directed -- think pixies and cropped boy cuts. Whether slicked down (Twiggy style) or pumped up (Pink style), heavier creams or waxes help pull off this look. Begin by applying shaping wax to slightly damp hair. Run fingers through hair for that Twiggy look and comb into place. For Pink's hot look, blow-dry using high heat, medium speed, and finish with a mattifying wax to taste.

Medium-Length Hair:
Bobs, "Pobs" or shoulder-length locks can be styled as directed above, but finish by tucking hair behind the ears. Accessorize with a fabulous hair accessory -- clip or headband -- and voila, you're on your way.

Long Hair:
To get sexy beach waves, use a one- or two-inch curling iron and work with small sections of hair to create soft curls. When finished, shake loose with fingers upside down, and then lightly spray underneath with light-hold hairspray for support so hair doesn't fall flat. You can also style wet by using a sea-salt spray on the ends and scrunch through. Allow to air dry.

The other hot summer look for longer hair is the braided ponytail -- or other pulled-back versions -- and the messy bun. Both are easy to do and wear well on the road, at the beach and at home.

The "Pob" is a great option for medium length hairstyles. Photo: Getty Images

Fine Hair:
"For fine hair, where more volume may be needed, it's always great to work with volumizing serums," says Lowe. "Apply to towel-dried hair and blow-dry in normal manner. Or, work with a volumizing mousse and do the same. Both help swell the hair shaft to give the appearance of thicker, fuller and more voluminous hair that screams 'Come touch me'."

Highly Textured and Coarse Hair:
For coarse hair, control is the key, unless you're going for that Macy Gray look. "Traditionally we thought that silicone serums gave us more polish, shine and control," says Lowe. "Actually, they can do quite the opposite, so I recommend silkier styling creams instead. Silicone provides slip - not control." Lowe also says medium-hold aerosol hairsprays are best since they will help saturate hair more and give better control.

Lowe's final summertime tip: Don't self-prescribe."It never fails. After six to eight weeks of fun and frolic, vacations and get-aways, the first thing we're tempted to do when we get back home is to go right to the beauty aisles and start looking at all of the colorful, creative packaging that screams 'Take me home, I'm great for your hair.""

Instead, Lowe says we should have an in-depth consultation at our salon about the best hair care, products, tools and treatments to keep our hair looking oh, so summertime sensational.

And whatever you do this season, watch out for chlorine and don't forget your hair's BFF -- a wide brim hat!