Ever thought of choosing your hairstyles by face shape? The right haircut and hairstyle can draw attention to your best facial features, and shift attention from anything you want to disguise. In our video series, The Perfect Haircut for Your Face Shape, we explore the styles that look best on round, oval, square, long, and heart shaped faces.

Perfect Haircut

Rebecca, before and after, her Perfect Haircut for My Face makeover. Photos: Cory Sorensen

Long, straight hair can seem like a hair don't for a long face but it doesn't have to be, according to celebrity hair stylist, Chaz Dean.

By adding bangs, the focus goes right to your eyes, Dean tells our latest makeover client, Rebecca Nashleanas, who admits that she hasn't had bangs since she was eight years old.

"See the difference in your face shape?" Dean asks Rebecca, as he demonstrates how bangs can shorten her long face shape.

Before cutting her blonde tresses, Dean adds subtle lowlights at the crown to help create smoother color from roots to tips. He then adds soft layers and a sleek brow-length fringe.

And finally, keeping with Rebecca's no-fuss routine, Dean maintains a straight, simple style with a quick blow dry.

"My face doesn't look long anymore!" Rebecca says, when her transformation is complete. "I love it!"

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