Jeremy Scott The Young and the Restless

Jeremy Scott playingn himself on "The Young and the Restless." Photo courtesy of The Young and the Restless

Who needs Paris when you've got Genoa City?

Fashion designer Jeremy Scott brought his avant-garde look to the CBS soap "The Young and the Restless" July 13 in a cameo that involved some serious celebrity name-dropping, Miss Piggy, and the requisite drama.

Sporting his signature Mohawk and a heavily embellished turquoise and black jacket, Scott played himself in the one-day appearance on the Emmy-winning daytime series.

During his visit to Genoa City, Wis. (the fictional burb where the soap is set), Scott unwittingly gets caught between feuding half-sisters Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (Tracey E. Bregman) and Jill Fenmore (Jess Walton) over the future of their multigenerational boutique, Fenmore's.

Here are some juicy moments from a role straight out of product placement central casting:

Scene One: Sexy Baldwin swoons over Scott's collection as she contemplates a big buy. "Oh, Jeremy, these are so gorgeous and unique... I guess they would have to be when you design for Madonna and Lady Gaga."

And let's not forget Miss Piggy. Was she Scott's most, um, difficult client?

Scott: (With dramatic flourish) "You have no idea!" Of course, he had to add: "I dress a lot of celebrities and have had some crazy success in this business, but I've always dreamed of having my clothes in Fenmore's." (Seriously. Only in Genoa City.)

Baldwin enters into an "exclusive" with Scott, who promises a toned-down collection with "no one-legged pants" and, we're guessing, no Flintstones looks for those well-dressed soap divas.

Scene Two: (Cue dramatic soundtrack) Catty big sister Fenmore interrupts the meeting and gasps, "It is the Jeremy Scott, who designs for Rihanna and Katy Perry!"

After Fenmore fusses over the designer, she turns on her half-sis and shreds plans for new Scott-themed window displays. The designer senses he's in the middle of something ugly (wills and egos are involved!) and slips out the front door.

Show reps tell StyleList Scott was on set for one day to shoot the campy scenes and is not expected to return to Genoa City anytime soon. With all that drama going on, who can blame him?

Still, we suspect Scott hasn't had this much fun since he did those novelty condoms with Gaga.