W Magazine August 2010 cover Jon Hamm Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall and Jon Hamm team up for W magazine's new cover. Photo courtesy of Nathaniel Goldberg for W magazine

W magazine generates a newly cerebral heat with August cover couple Jon Hamm and Rebecca Hall.

The actors, soon to appear in the Ben Affleck-directed "The Town," look sexily disheveled, with the focus on their killer cheekbones and tractor-beam eyes. There's no couture in sight, just Hamm in a denim shirt by Levi's, with a peek of Hall's Michael Kors dress below his arm.

This understated cover, photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg and the first overseen by W's new editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi, is a 180-degree turn from the summer's earlier, hyper-polished shots of Eva Mendes and Cate Blanchett.

The accompanying profile also exudes an offhand, runaway glamour. Befitting a woman of mystery, Hall wears hats by Lola and Patricia Underwood. And of course, there are shades: Ray-Bans for him, white Selima Optique cat's-eye sunglasses for her.

In an interview with Kevin West, the actors discuss their "adult film" while also exposing a naughty sense of humor. Hall describes "The Town" as "old-fashioned-proper Hollywood. There are thrills and there's violence and there's action and there's a significant romance."

Hamm also reveals another benefit to the film: "In this movie, Rebecca got to wear high heels because although she's abnormally tall, so are Ben and I," says Hamm. (Hall is 5' 9" while Hamm stands about 6 feet.)

"That was the best thing about this film," confesses Hall. "I've never gotten to wear high heels before because I've always been taller than every actor that I've worked with."

And the shoe talk doesn't stop there. Asked to describe the "Mad Men" star, Hall says, "He's proper manly, like Gregory Peck, old-school. He hangs around with the boys and does sports. But can he talk to women about emotions and shoes?"

W Magazine August 2010 Jon Hamm Rebecca Hall diner

Hamm's photo shoot with Hall evokes a getaway worthy of Don Draper. Photo courtesy of Nathaniel Goldberg for W magazine

"Absolutely," Hamm replies. "Can and do.... Part of being an adult is treating women like women." Hamm also praises brainy dames: "To be able to read and talk about complicated things is sexy. It's not just having a pair of bolt-on t--s."

While Hall is certainly no damsel in distress, Hamm gallantly came to her defense with his sharp sense of humor. "The reality is that I broke them up," he teases when West asks Hall about rumors that she was behind the split of director Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet. "Does [a sex tape exist]?" Hamm continues. "He directed it. It's beautiful."

West tells StyleList the pair were equally playful when he met them at L.A.'s Chateau Marmont for their W interview. Hall was the first to arrive and whispered to West that she'd spotted artist and rock star Patti Smith.

"Rebecca confessed that Patti Smith is one of her personal style icons," West says. "When Smith got up to leave and walked past the table, I think Rebecca may have actually held her breath."

After Hamm arrived, he offered his Ray-Bans to Hall, who was squinting from the sunlight. Hall put them on but quickly pulled them off, saying she felt ridiculous trying to have a serious conversation in shades. Hamm, West recalls, reacted with mock exasperation: "'Where are you? You're in Hollywood!' We all laughed -- but still she gave the sunglasses back to him."

Hamm will next be seen in Season 4 of "Mad Men," premiering July 25. Hall, meanwhile, will have to give up the high heels to play Viola in "Twelfth Night" at London's National Theatre this fall.

W magazine hits newsstands in New York and Los Angeles on July 14, rolling out across the country by July 20.

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