Megan Fox back tattoo strapless dress

Megan Fox shows off one of her tattoos in a strapless dress. Photo: Getty Images

Tough break, Angelina.

As we previously reported, the actress just confessed to getting a new inner-thigh tattoo as a token of love for Brad Pitt, but according to a new British survey, 47 percent of men find ink on women a turnoff (cough, Michelle McGee, cough), the Daily Mail reports.

Maybe next time stick with a nice box of chocolate?

The Ask Jeeves survey also found that 38 percent of women aren't fond of men with tattoos, according to the paper. (We make an exception for David Beckham.)

And it seems, it depends on just who's sporting the stamps (phew, we're not alone).

According to the poll, 55 percent of adults saw Amy Winehouse as looking worse with her tattoos, while just 17 percent said the same of Megan Fox. Hmmm....

Of Brits aged 16 to 44, 29 percent reportedly have a tat, though 23 percent of those who have gone under the needle say they regret their ink.

"We have noticed an increasing number of our users asking Jeeves about tattoo removal services and about the various ways to get rid of them," spokesperson Nadia Kelly tells the Daily Mail.

"Tattoos are obviously more popular than ever and we get enquiries about the latest designs or to look at those sported by celebrities.

"But it does suggest that this is one of the things that seems like a great idea at first but which many come to regret when they grow older."

Hear that, Miley?

Meanwhile, see which product Angelina Jolie uses when she wants to cover up her numerous tattoos.