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Photo: Thomas Roepke, Getty Images

Let's see... there were the pigtails, the pob, and the pixie...

The shag, the "Rachel," and even (though we'll now have to murder you) the mullet...

And, oh, about 100 other hairstyles, apparently.

According to a new survey from hairdresser Andrew Collinge, the average woman has 104 hairstyles over the course of a lifetime, the Daily Express reports.

(Unless, of course, she's Betty White, in which case just the one will do.)

Most women try a new 'do because they "just want a change," while a third need a post-break-up confidence boost, nearly one in five want to hide gray hairs, and others crave a pick-me-up after having a baby, getting hitched, or celebrating a birthday, according to the paper.

The poll also reportedly found that the average gal gets her hair cut or colored twice a year between the ages of 13 and 65. That explains all the bad roots we've been spying!

Color-wise, most women reportedly say they've tried three different hair colors, while one in four has changed her hair color five times and one in 10 has dabbled with 10 or more hues. Lady Gaga, we presume?

Dark brown was the most popular hair color, followed by dark honey blonde, while two-thirds of respondents said they wear a Victoria Beckham-style bob, the paper reports.

Long hair with bangs and (eek!) perms were also popular picks. So then it should come as no surprise that about three-fourths of women reportedly admit to regretting at least one of their myriad hairstyles.

"With our modern, everyday stresses and hectic lifestyles, often a re-style or a new color is an effective and easy way to boost a woman's confidence," Collinge tells the Daily Express.

"Also, a new hairstyle can help a woman through a life-changing event, either by making her feel better about herself after breaking up with a partner or to celebrate reaching a big birthday."

Just proceed caution, girls. If you feel depressed now, think of how down in the dumps you'll be when you see yourself with a Moe!

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