What are the odds that on the very same day Bristol Palin announces her engagement to Levi Johnston, her new teen-pregnancy PSA for the Candie's Foundation is also making its debut?


The PSA, "Back Talk Baby," aims to prevent teenage pregnancy and (unintentionally) plays like a scene straight out of a horror film. A teen is shown putting on lipstick and getting ready to head out to party with her pals when she walks by her baby boy, who begins speaking to her in a deep, manly voice. And if that ain't enough to scare you sexless, nothing will!

"Hey! Where do you think you're going?" he demands. "You're not going anywhere!"

Just when you think baby's going to pull out the knives, he reminds Mama that she has diapers to change, bottles to fill, and he's got a nasty rash on his butt that needs tending to.

She pleads with him, explaining that she hasn't seen her friends in weeks, but he shows no mercy. "Well, I've had diarrhea for weeks!" he tells her before demanding that she "get over here and wipe my tushy" and launching into a full-on wail.

Cut to 19-year-old Palin, standing outside the house (adding a bit of a stalker feel to the overall piece), and saying, "And you thought your parents were controlling? Don't let a teenage pregnancy take away your freedom. Pause... before you play."

This is the second ad the newly affianced Palin, mother to an 18-month-old son, has shot for the Candie's Foundation. The first, released earlier this year, addressed the difficulties of being a single teen mom.

"I believe that people need to start talking about the consequences of teen pregnancy," Palin has stated. "Teens need to understand the realities of being a teenage parent."

Including giving birth to scary talking babies with deep manly voices.

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