teenage girls computer online shopping

Teenage girls shop 'til they drop with the click of a mouse... parents foot the bill. Photo: Getty Images

Oh, to be a kid again (or, barring that, at least have some body switcheroo with Fred Savage), because surely getting the 'rents to fund our shopping sprees would be worth the trauma of revisiting acne and 10th-grade trigonometry.

A new BillMyParents service on sites like Amazon and PacSun is letting spoiled lucky teens shop till they drop on Mom and Dad's dime, Refinery 29 reports.

Us, jealous? Hahaha... yes.

After Junior has tracked down his desired T-shirt or new copy of "Eclipse," he can use the BillMyParents feature to transfer his shopping cart to a parental purgatory of sorts, according to the Web site.

If -- and only if -- the folks authorize the purchases, their credit card will reportedly be charged, while Junior sits on the couch and watches MTV. The little brat.

While the service -- fronted by skateboarders Ryan Sheckler and Rob Dyrdek -- bills itself as an efficient way to create a virtual gift registry for birthdays and such (because letters to Santa are so over), it also features a Get a MasterCard function that lets daring teens select a debit-card design and desired prepaid amount so they can send their parents a "card request." Charming!

Oh, and don't forget the tagline: "Life just got a whole lot easier -- the payment solution that fits your lifestyle."

Enjoy it while it lasts, kids. The folks may be footing the bill for your wardrobe now, but they'll be having the last laugh when they blow your inheritance on an RV one day.

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