natasia liukin red top

Athlete/fashion designer Nastia Liukin. Photo: Jason Odell Photography

Supergirl by Nastia, Olympic gymnastics star Nastia Liukin's new fashion collection with Warner Brothers, vaults onto the floors of her exclusive retail partner, JCPenney, this week.

The DC Comics superhero-branded clothes, designed and styled by a team led by Liukin, are bound to become favorites with young girls, 'tweens, and teens. Liukin shared her thoughts on the collection with StyleList.

StyleList: What is the inspiration for the collection?
Nastia Liukin: I hope it's not just a cute, fashionable line that little girls like, but I hope it will also inspire them when they wear that "S" shield. Supergirl is just such an iconic brand and symbol. Little boys have been able to wear Superman, but I don't feel little girls have had something as empowering to wear.

SL: Will we see the "S" shield coming and going on these pieces?
NL: It's a little more fashionable. It's definitely incorporated into every piece. One of my favorite pieces is a black dress with gold finishes and an "S"-shield necklace attached. You don't really see the "S" shield on the dress itself except on the dangling gold chain necklace. It's a little more discreet, but there's definitely a bit in every piece.

SL: What is your favorite piece in the collection?
NL: There's a pair of black knit pants with the "S" shield in silver sequins on the back. They're really cute, but also really affordable. I hope the girls like it -- but I also hope it is mom approved.

SL: Have you enjoyed the design process?
NL: It's just been so much fun being able to work with the design team, to be able to bring my inspirations and what I like to the table. For it to finally launch, I'm just so excited!

SL: Do you see a future in fashion design for yourself?
NL: I've always been very interested in fashion. I was able to design all my leotards that I competed in. It's been an honor to be able to work with Warner Brothers and JCPenney. The past two years, my life's been pretty crazy with all these opportunities.

As soon as things slow down after this summer, I'm hoping to start back in school. I definitely want to graduate from college and major in international business or communications. Education has always been very important to my family. I would like to go to UCLA.

Liukin will celebrate the launch of Supergirl by Nastia with personal appearances at the following JCPenney locations: July 24 - Greeley Square Park, opposite Manhattan Mall in New York City; July 31 - Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, Tx.; Aug. 7- Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Ill.; Aug. 21 - Glendale Galleria in Glendale, Calif.; Aug. 22 - Venice Beach in Venice, Calif.; Aug. 28 - Florida Mall in Orlando, Fl.

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