blonde hair money cash dollar bills

Hey, big spender! Blondes reportedly earn and spend more. Photo: Pando Hall, Getty Images

No wonder blondes have more fun.

According to a new poll from financial Web site The Motley Fool, fair-haired ladies earn more money than redheads and brunettes, the Daily Mirror reports.

Not bad for a bunch of "airheads," huh?

The study found that on average blondes take home £1,018.19 ($1,561.47) per month (after taxes and insurance), compared to £937.19 ($1,437.08) for brunettes and £887.97 ($1,361.61) for redheads, according to the paper.

Unfortunately, earning money and keeping money are two very different things.

About 35 percent of blondes are reportedly overdrawn each month, overspending an average of £278.34 ($426.78) on can't-resist" items like clothes and shoes.

Welcome to our world, gals.

"Nonblondes should not lose heart," The Motley Fool's Sonia Rehill tells the paper.

"It's not what you earn that makes you rich, it's what you do with it that counts."

So maybe next time you'll hide that credit card somewhere you won't think to look... like between the encyclopedias? Kidding, kidding!

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