American Crew's new Trichology Hair Recovery Foam. Photo.

Think men haven't gotten enough attention in the beauty aisle? Not anymore! In both mass and prestige arenas, men can look forward to many more launches geared to their needs.

A few we've spotted this week include Chanel's forthcoming blockbuster fragrance dubbed Bleu de Chanel.

"With Bleu de Chanel, we are adding a new olfactory family - the woody aromatic - to our men's fragrance portfolio," d'Avack continued. "In a very competitive market, this is an olfactive creation that deliberately ignores market trends and brings a different take to men's fragrances. Its impact is amplified by an extraordinary advertising film directed by Martin Scorsese," said Andrea d'Avack, president of Chanel Fragrance and Beauté in an interview with WWD.

This is not the first we've heard of Chanel's relationship with Scorsese. A few months back Stylelist reported on Chanel's announcement of the partnership. And it looks like the "advertising film" also known as a commercial -- sorry Marty -- is meant to attract a younger generation of Chanel consumers.

Next up in boys town is a lip balm made just for men called ChapFix. The first thing you'll notice is its non-traditional shape -- sort of like a long matchbox. The shape is meant to fit nicely in a man's pants pocket and not make the unsightly tubular bulge we'd all rather not see. The formula's also designed specifically for men and it contains beeswax, mineral oil, coconut oil, aloe and vitamin E, plus a mint flavor and PABA-free sun protection.

ChapFix lip balm for men. Photo:

"There are products guys use, but nothing really made just for them," said Alex Fogelson, son of Steph Fogelson, the president and chief executive officer of ChapFix maker Lotta Luv, in an interview with WWD.

"The package is not round and bulgy, it lays flat in a pant pocket," he elaborated. There are also perforations on the side to allow for easy gripping. The package is a masculine black and red and the name is a clever play on the use of the word 'chap.'"

And last, but not least, a product for the man who wants to make the most of what he's got -- on his head. American Crew is launching another product in their Trichology Hair Recovery System -- Hair Recovery Foam. Men should apply it to areas of thinning hair, after using the brand's Hair Recovery Shampoo. It shouldn't be confused with a styling aid, as it's a treatment product infused with hops, rosemary, swertia japonica and silica which American Crew claims will produce, "fuller, thicker, stronger hair - and [prolonged] hair life."

Better make room on your vanity -- looks like guys are getting their groom on this fall.