Emilio Pucci Risone Print Headband, $72 at Net-A-Porter.com.

In the midst of summer's heat at least you can get some relief from the daily doldrums of fighting flat or frizzy hair.

With a few simple (and oh so cute!) of the season's hottest accessories, you can turn any day into not just a good hair day, but a downright gorgeous one.

New York City stylist, Lindsay Brooke Cohen, shares the newest and trendiest hair accessories with us:

Fabric headbands
We often see Nicole Richie rocking one of these bands with wayfarers and a braid.

"I love these because you can wear one on the beach after stepping out of the ocean to keep your hair away from your face (or if you are growing out your bangs, even better!)" says Cohen.

Short or long hair, it doesn't matter -- both look great here. Before putting on your favorite headband, Cohen recommends that short-hair girls bobby pin the back into an up-do, while those with long hair simply tie it into a chignon. Some bands are one complete piece of fabric and others tie at the bottom. Pucci makes a great version.

Soft hair accessories on the Chanel and Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 runways. Photo: Getty Images

Soft hair accessories
We have seen high buns all over the runway. Marc Jacobs ties together his looks from the Spring 2010 runway with coordinating soft hair accessories made from fabric, tulle and beads. "This really completes an outfit by tying together an embellishment or detail shown on the pants or dress, now on the hair accessory," says Cohen.

Chanel models have also been spotted wearing these soft hair accessories prominently on top of their head. "The higher the better!" recommends Cohen.

Braided hair pieces at Oscar De La Renta Spring 2010, and butterfly clips at Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2010.Photo: Getty Images

Hair headbands
As hard as we try, we can't forget the days of clip-on ponytails. "While I would never condone that," says Cohen, "braids are so popular this summer, and a braided headband takes this look to the next level." In Oscar de la Renta's Spring 2010 runway show, we saw faux-hair bands that were straight and braided. Both long- and short-haired gals can rock this accessory. Cohen recommends matching your hair color to the band so it will look like you have intricately braided your own hair.

Butterfly clips
"This spring was all about etherealness and delicacy," says Cohen. Diane von Furstenberg saw to that with butterflies clipped into several models' hair. The best part about these fun accessories is that you can make them yourself. Buy the most colorful and beautiful decorative butterflies you can find and hot glue them onto a barrette or clip. Perfect for long or short hair!

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