Jason Wu Madame Alexander dolls L'enfant Terrible Bon Bon Lust

All dolled up: Jason Wu's Madame Alexander dolls, L'enfant Terrible (left) Bon Bon (center), and Lust (right). Photos courtesy of Madame Alexander

Well, hello dolly!

Fashion designer Jason Wu has gone back to his fashion roots and outfitted six kitschy-couture dolls for the collectible house of Madame Alexander.

Wu, who began his fashion career designing doll clothes, went all out for updates to Madame A's fashion-forward Cissy and NEOCissy collections.

The designer's real-life muse, first lady Michelle Obama, is going to be so jealous when she gets a look at Envy, one of the Cissy girls! This doll clings to her martini glass as she struts in her silk navy swing coat and peers from under her veiled pom-pom hat. No one-shoulder cream gowns for this vamp!

The other Cissy ladies include Vice, who wears a royal blue, silk charmeuse sheath, nude heels, and fishnet stockings, and walks a black ultrasuede dog with a bedazzled leash.

Bad girl Lust wears a black cap covered with black goose feathers, a brown taffeta pencil skirt, a cropped magenta faux-fur jacket, and has her own cigarette holder. (Wu did not comment on his inspirations, but we're thinking vintage call girls!)

Jason Wu Madame Alexander dolls Envy Vice

Madame Alexander gets a Jason Wu update: High society dolls Envy (left) and Vice. Photos courtesy of Madame Alexander

And speaking of lust: StyleList is all about NEOCissy Blu Belle's chic black taffeta dropped-waist mini dress and Bon Bon's hot pink vinyl lace-up platforms. The NEOCissy lilliputians were styled for a more "futuristic" look, so daring L'Enfant Terrible -- with her side-parted ponytail, black nail polish, and feather-trimmed eye patch -- is a doll even Lady Gaga could love.

Madame Alexander tells StyleList the dolls, which retail between $159.95 (NEOCissy styles) and $349.95 (Cissy styles) are truly "unconventional," possessing enough multijointed flexibility to be manipulated into authentic fashion poses! For the price, we just wish they came with their own dollhouse runway.

The here's-looking-at-Wu dolls can be ordered now through Madame Alexander's Web site. Expect September delivery for Cissy dolls; November for NEOCissy.

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