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Is 31 the new 21? Katie Holmes (left), Kate Hudson (center), and Jennifer Love Hewitt (right) are all the "magical" age. Photos: Getty Images (2) | Jordan Strauss, WireImage.com

Warning: Anyone aged 32 and up should stop reading now. Seriously.

As for the rest of you, congratulations! According to a new poll from QVC, a woman hits her beauty and confidence peak at age 31, the Daily Mail reports.

That means while 31-year-olds Katie Holmes, Kate Hudson, and Jennifer Love Hewitt -- silly us, we thought for sure it was her Vajazzle -- are supposedly looking and feeling their best, it's all downhill for bombshells like Angelina Jolie and Christina Hendricks, who are both 35. (We find that hard to believe!)

The survey of more than 2,000 men and women also ranked confidence as the most important trait in making a woman attractive, with 70 percent of the vote compared to 67 percent for physical beauty and 47 percent for good style, according to the paper.

And while nearly two-thirds of women agreed that "with age comes beauty," more than half reportedly claimed that they felt less insecure and more attractive as they aged.

"This research shows what many have always suspected -- real beauty is about more than just good looks but a combination of confidence, style and personality too," QVC marketing director Sue Leeson told the paper.

And, you know, a birth certificate that doesn't date back any further than Fall 1978!

Now excuse us while we go slip inside the cyro-chamber.

Meanwhile, 49-year-old Julianne Moore doesn't seem to have lost her looks or confidence (um, she's naked!) in these racy Bulgari ads.