Lindsay Lohan Complex Magazine Photoshopped cover before and after

The original Lindsay Lohan photo (left), and Complex Magazine's seemingly uber-Photoshopped cover (right), allegedly created using elements from multiple images. Photo, left, courtesy of Markus Klinko and Indrani

On the same day that Lindsay Lohan became a model for Los Angeles County prison attire, Bravo viewers got to see the actress/designer in a more relaxed, SCRAM-free pose.

The season finale of "Double Exposure" featured the troubled star -- who began her 90-day prison term on July 20 for violation of probation -- at celeb fashion photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani's ICONS exhibit in Los Angeles, looking at shots the duo took of her for Complex Magazine's August/September issue (on newsstands Aug. 10).

The pair snapped Lohan modeling leggings for her 6126 clothing line in an episode from the series noteworthy for Lohan's late arrival (11 hours!) and array of odd excuses.

The appearance even kicked off a Twitter war, with Lohan blaming the photographers for her embarrassing reality-TV portrayal.

Lohan emphatically denied a rumored romantic relationship with Indrani (Klinko, who dated Indrani for years, has been quoted as saying the women paired off after the 6126 shoot). Indrani told E! news that the photographer's comments were taken out of context.

On July 19, Lohan tweeted about her impending lock up: "The only bookings I'm familiar with are Disney films. Never thought I'd be "booking" into jail....eeeks," she wrote.

Bravo tells StyleList that Lohan's cameo is brief, amounting to less than a minute, but in context it's sure to be riveting.

The photographers spoke exclusively to StyleList about Lohan, their controversial photo shoot, and her upcoming jail term.

Klinko had strong words about Complex Magazine, beginning with the cover. "It is a composite out of different elements," he says. "Lindsay's body appears anatomically incorrect due to Complex's Photoshop Frankenstein nightmare. It is not an original of ours, and it is not post-produced by us. It is a bastardized version of various pieces from different photos."

Check out the before and after cover images (above) and note the similarity of the face on the final cover to the one below left (which seems a little odd itself with its accompanying body).

It looks as though a new head -- comprised of the face from the white bustier shot and the hair from another shot (or cloned/Photoshopped locks) -- may have been put on the original body photo, which appears to have been flipped. Kinko says there is no before variation matching the cover Complex ran.

lindsay lohan colored bustier black briefs over the knee boots crystals markus klinko

Lohan, looking white hot (left), and like a futuristic version of Wonder Woman (right), both photos before they were allegedly altered by Complex Magazine. Photo courtesy of Markus Klinko and Indran

The interior images of Lohan were allegedly altered to include cartoonlike drawings by pop artist/former Disney animator KAWS. Indrani and Klinko have provided their original shots to StyleList. "The context [Complex] put Lindsay in is disrespectful," says Klinko. "They manipulated the images. What they've done is silly."

"We have to protect the integrity of what we shoot," Klinko continues. "With what is going on with Lindsay, she needs to be shown in the photos as they were taken, not as they have been depicted on this cover. It's an abomination. It's a Photoshop disaster, and it's not coming from us. We are threatening Complex with a lawsuit. We can't have people manipulate our work this way." (At press time, Complex had no comment for StyleList.)

Both photographers described the star as brilliant, hardworking, and misunderstood, and called the jail sentence imposed by Los Angeles County Judge Marsha Revel "harsh."

"She's no different than any other 23-year-old girl I've met in Hollywood," Klinko says of Lohan, who actually turned 24 on July 2. Adds Indrani, "She hasn't done anything to hurt anyone. The only person really hurting here is Lindsay."

Here's more of our conversations with both Klinko and Indrani:

On Lohan's behavior at the September 2009 6126 photo shoot.
Markus Klinko
: She was 11 hours late and we were frustrated, but you know, in terms of Lindsay's abilities and modeling, it was an excellent shoot. We think the pictures are hot and we never thought it was disastrous. It wasn't a failed photo shoot.

: In our business, it's not uncommon for people to be late. There's always drama. People are notoriously late and difficult. While it was odd that this was a shoot for her own clothing line, what we learned afterwards is that she was in the beginning of a big fight with her girlfriend [ex Samantha Ronson], which I think is very telling. We didn't know that at the time. Away from the camera, she is a girl being pulled in all kinds of different directions.

On her jail sentence.
MK: I am very sad for her and I feel terrible. We've worked with her for six or seven years. I've been out with her and I don't think I noticed a big difference with her and any other girl who's in L.A. I'm sure she needs some help, and part of what's going on is healthful, but I think the 90 days in jail is harsh. We're supporting her very, very much. Some of the best images we've ever taken are of Lindsay, and we truly wish the best for her.

Indrani: There are plenty of people who do worse things and get lesser sentences. There are people who say she deserves this or it's what she needs, but I don't see why people feel entitled to tell her what she needs. I think she needs to be left in peace to figure out what it is she really needs to do.

On her season finale appearance.
Indrani: It is typical of Lindsay, who is very sweet and kind, to show up at our reception and support us. When she shows up it is a very touching moment. In context it is a bit painful because after the show aired, she blamed us when we didn't do anything wrong. But her kindness and support is very genuine and real.

lindsay lohan gem stone leotard black thigh high fringe boots leather gloves lying down

On the fringe: Lohan pulls a 'Flashdance" in appropriately '80s attire. Photo courtesy of Markus Klinko and Indrani

On her personal difficulties.
Indrani: She's a lightning rod, she's very polarizing. People are drawn to her, but they are also very aggressive about her. She lives her life in front of the camera and that can be very difficult. On the show, I did a photo shoot in India and when I stepped in front of the camera I felt incredibly vulnerable. Imagine what that feels like every day.

On what people don't know about Lohan.
MK: She is very, very hardworking. On a shoot, she gives 100 percent. I think people think she's out there not doing anything. She works really, really hard.

Indrani: When I speak with her she is very passionate, articulate, and thoughtful. She's a caring person who has a lot to give. When I spoke to her about my school in India [founded 14 years ago], she was very interested. We go there on the season finale and Lindsay wanted to know everything.

For more on Markus Klinko and Indrani, read our previous interview with the photographers.