Lindsay Lohan dresser 6126 Fashion Line

Lindsay Lohan, a free woman, in this photo for her 6126 fashion line. Photo courtesy of 6126

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Lindsay Lohan is headed to serve a 90-day jail sentence for violating her probation after a 2007 DUI charge. (Her latest tweet on the subject: "The only 'bookings' that i'm familiar with are Disney Films, never thought that i'd be 'booking' into Jail... eeeks").

While heading to jail is never a good thing for anyone, this all comes at a particularly bad time for the 24-year-old starlet, as her newly expanded clothing line 6126 hits stores this month (it's not just leggings anymore, people!), and she's gearing up to film several movies, including one in which she'll play "Deep Throat" porn star Linda Lovelace.

Although WWD reports that the media circus surrounding the actress might actually boost sales of 6126, Lohan wanted to promote the line herself and granted StyleList an exclusive pre-jail interview. While she declined to discuss her sentence and racy new role, she happily talked about fashion, future plans, and her friend Karl Lagerfeld.

StyleList: Why did you go beyond leggings for Fall 2010 and roll out a full 6126 ready-to-wear line? (Check out the collection on Lohan's new website, here).
Lindsay Lohan:
We received such a positive response to the legging collection, both with our customers and our retail partners worldwide, that we were really ready to take the brand to the next level. 6126 will be a complete lifestyle brand in which a wide range of categories will reflect the classic glamour of the brand.

SL: Do you have any favorite designers that you look to?
Karl Lagerfeld!! I also love to support new designers, as I feel like some of the best designers are still unknown.

SL: We know you're friendly with Lagerfeld. Has he given you any design advice?
He has always been so supportive and kind to me. When I first started designing for 6126, he said to always listen and follow my instincts.

SL: We¹ve noticed you¹ve been wearing a lot of jewelry lately. Any plans for a jewelry line?
Yes, we are continuing to expand the 6126 brand and have plans for a jewelry collection. We just want to make sure we take our time to launch the various product categories. I am very hands on and involved in everything and want to make sure all the product is done right so that we are able to build a brand that is loved and has a classic longevity.

Lindsay Lohan 6126 Fashion Line black knee-high boots

Lindsay Lohan poses for her 6126 line, but she will now be part of a different kind of block in jail. Photo courtesy of 6126

Right now, my main focus has been on the launch of our 6126 Fall apparel line and designing 6126's Spring 2011 apparel collection. I am also really excited about the launch of the 6126 and 7286 [named for Lohan's birthday] handbag lines that are coming out for Holiday.

SL: 6126 is named for Marilyn Monroe's birthday, and you've recreated Monroe's famous portrait sessions for famed photographer Bert Stern. Why is she such a strong influence?
She is an icon. I love her sense of self. She is glamorous and represents a time in Hollywood that was a changing point for women. I also think she was misunderstood.

SL: Besides Monroe, where else do you draw inspiration?
I take my inspiration from everywhere: art I see, books I look at, my travels. I love to vintage shop and I have studied '20s, '30s, and '40s fashion. I love mixing old and new, soft and hard. I believe it represents life and fashion.

My goal is to design pieces that everyone can use to create an outfit with their own sense of style and really embrace who they are and wear what feels good and glamorous to them. I designed 6126 with great pieces in mind that can really be mixed and worn a variety of ways depending on your own sense of style and your own feeling of your body.

SL: You were named artistic adviser at Emanuel Ungaro last year, a role you no longer hold. Would you collaborate with a major designer again on a fashion line?
I am so focused on building 6126 right now.

SL: We¹ve seen you model the SCRAM [an alcohol-monitoring device worn on the ankle] and hear you may pose nude with or without it for a 6126 campaign. Has the bracelet impacted your style?
You should not believe everything you read. I never was posing nude with my SCRAM bracelet and never for my 6126 handbag line. Although I am very excited for the debut of our handbags, and I hope everyone loves them and I am very proud of them, [for] the photo shoot I will be wearing clothes.

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