I'm reporting live from Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas, the biggest beauty tradeshow in the U.S. Every day, I've been tasked with picking my favorite niche beauty brand, so here's my third obsession: Solutions That Stick, a company that creates adhesive-based products to keep boots from slouching, create secret pockets, and block flatulence.

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We've all been there: You're on a date, in an interview, riding public transportation, or in some other enclosed space, and, well, your butt gets the better of you.

Yes, you've tooted in public.

You're dying, your neighbors are fuming, and you're wondering if there's something (anything!) you can do to prevent this embarrassing situation from ever repeating itself.

We're happy to report that there is. Subtle Butt, by Solutions That Stick, is a stick on carbon filter for, yes, your behind.

The handy fabric patch adheres to your underwear, and as the flatulence passes through the activated carbon that's impregnated in the patch, the odor is absorbed and neutralized before it can offend anyone within nose-shot. There's also an antimicrobial layer to keep things clean.

"I use them on airplanes, after a chili meal, and even on my dog," Kim Olenicoff, founder of Solutions That Stick, told me from the floor of Cosmoprof North America.

"Some customers have even told me that it's saved their marriage!," she spilled. "People with IBS and food allergies definitely gravitate toward these, too."

"It's kind of embarrassing, but it's better to have it in and not be embarrassed."

Taboo or not, Subtle Butt is definitely one of those why-didn't-I-think-of-that inventions, which is Olenicoff's specialty. She started Solutions The Stick over ten years ago while she was a law school student. "I wore lots of white Juicy Couture t-shirts at the time," she said, "and grew frustrated when their underarms would yellow after just a few wearings.

Subtle Butt Gas Neutralizers. Courtesy Photo

So she took matters into her own hands, creating her first stick-on product, called Garment Guard, which adheres to shirts to prevent underarm staining. "Nordstrom took it, and after that I set to work creating more style-based solutions."

Another standout product includes Pocksie, a strip of fabric adhesive you can stick inside any shirt to instantly give it a secret pocket. "It's perfect for carrying your money and credit cards where you don't want to carry a purse, like to a club," says Olenicoff. "I have one in every cardigan."

Her newest creation is Boot Stay, an adhesive that you stick to the top of your boots to prevent them from sagging, which for anyone with skinny legs, or stretched boots, or for those who want to give their slouchy booties a second life, is pure genius.

Subtle Butt, $11.95 for five pieces, and other Solutions That Stick inventions, are sold online at Solutionsthatstick.com.

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