Britney Spears is clearly in need of a hair makeover. Photos: RS/

In spite of being named the world's sixth top-earning celebrity by Forbes, Britney Spears looks as though she can't afford a professional hairstylist. Either that or her current one should be fired.

The 28-year-old pop star was spotted shopping yesterday in Sherman Oaks, California on what appeared to be a very bad hair day.

Spears -- whose hair has run the gamut of styles from completely bald to brunette -- looked as though her locks were finally waving a white flag.

The singer's dull strands appeared over-processed and under-cared for. In an attempt to remedy the situation, Spears tried pulling her locks up, only to reveal matted hair extensions and a damaged scalp.

"When anyone cuts their hair off as Britney did and attempts to grow it back out, it's best to leave hair alone and 'as is' before creating more tension and stress," celebrity hairstylist Billy Lowe tells StyleList. "Her hair has gone through various colors over the past year or two, and only recently was seen leaving a salon on Sunset as a brunette. Now, she's blonde again, and I have no doubt that over-processing has lead to her hair distress."

Granted, hair extensions and constant coloring can damage even the most diligently cared for hair. To combat this (and avoid the Britney look), Lowe offers hair maintenance advice:

  1. Give hair a break. "It's important to nurture and care for your hair especially during grow out stages so it looks its best when it finally gets to the desired length."
  2. Don't over-process. This includes chemicals, too much sun exposure, extensions, and hats. "Let hair breathe, give it time to mend, and be sure you are following your salon professional's recommendations on products and care. Constantly changing hair color creates damaged ends, makes hair very fragile and prone to more breakage."
  3. Hair extensions can really create a lot of damage and breakage to chemically treated hair. "High lift blondes are especially prone to damage and breakage which is why I recommend not adding extensions to hair that has been recently highlighted or high-lifted. "
  4. Be mindful of where you place hair extensions. "Clearly Britney has a lot of breakage in the crown area, and I never suggest putting extensions in above the occipital bone. They are too visible."
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