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From the spa that brought us bikini and butt facials so our posteriors could glow in time for beach season, a way to spruce up our vajayjays has just launched: va-tooing.

Okay, we'll put the euphemisms aside. We're talking about temporary tattoos for your vagina.

Completely Bare is offering the airbrush tattoo service as a suggested add-on to their completely bare bikini wax -- better known as the everything-comes-off Brazilian wax -- as we're guessing a smooth, bare canvas is what you need to best show off your sparkling new ink.

Choose from a flower, butterfly, sun or calligraphy letters in your favorite shades, and a technician will use a stencil to airbrush the tat right onto your most secret lady parts.

(We hear that getting the initials of your lucky beau is a popular bikini ink request at the New York spas.)

Completely Bare says the tattoo is made of a safe and non-toxic body paint that will last up to five days. Even though it's waterproof, you can remove is sooner with either baby oil or rubbing alcohol in case your ahem, situation calls for a quicker change.

Priced at $115 for the deluxe treatment, we're predicting a slew of cheaper knock-offs and DIY projects will ensue shortly.

Be careful -- the last time we went down south with a personal Nair experiment, things didn't turn out so well. Don't put just anything on your most sensitive areas; stick with gentle and hypoallergenic products, and always spot-test first.

Now go get your vajayjay on!

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