Angelina Jolie stars as Evelyn Salt in the film "Salt." Photo: Andrew Schwartz, SMPSP

Ladies, if you're looking to spice up your look, you may want to take a cue from Angelina Jolie in this weekend's premiere of her new film, "Salt."

After taking a year off to have twins, the 35-year-old mother of six is back in action -- this time playing CIA officer Evelyn Salt, who is on the run after being accused of spying and plotting to kill the president.

In this espionage thriller, Jolie goes from a beautiful blonde with a low-slung braided ponytail to a dark-haired brunette who looks like she could be the next femme fatale.

As much as we'd like to believe the plot where Jolie drastically changes her hairstyle and color herself, celebrity hairstylist, Ken Paves, gave StyleList the real scoop on how this was most likely done.

"I have designed looks for film and it is standard and far more forgiving on the actress' hair to use extensions and wigs when creating contrasting looks in one film," said Paves. "The allure of a true movie star is the ability to let go of her personal identity when she becomes her character, surrendering to this character. Jolie was able to do this in "Salt," and she is amazing!"

And while both looks are gorgeous (how could anything not be on this Hollywood beauty?), each represents a dramatically different identity that leaves us guessing which one is the real Evelyn Salt. "The point of the two looks is to illustrate a dramatic visual contrast between the two sides of her character to better help the movie goer separate and accept these two sides," said Paves.

"Obviously the darker style suggests a dramatic villainess with heavy color and severe architectural lines," Paves added. "The blonde shade, as well as lighter clothing, are merely for dramatic contrast. However, the shorter length, slightly layered, less heavy cut seems more natural and less 'super powers'. I imagine in the movie we will learn that may not be the case."

If you're inspired to add some flavor to your look, here are Paves suggestions on how to get Jolie's "salty" strands:

Angelina Jolie fades to black in "Salt." Photo: Andrew Schwartz, SMPSP

Brute Brunette:
"The amazing thing Angelina shows us here is how you can wear different looks as long as you "own" them," Paves said. "This look feels very exotic or European to me."

Paves said this style works great with many hair types, although curly hair will require pressing and fine hair will require extensions. However is you have thick, shiny, straight hair like this, you're in luck.

The dramatic bangs work for anyone wanting to bring attention to their eyes, according to Paves.

"A severe straight bang may not be ideal for someone with a round face, however it could be adjusted to suit any face shape. Because of the color, I would stay away from this exact look if you are 50 or older, unless it was considerably shorter."

Jolie appears more demure with blonde, plaited strands. Photo: Andrew Schwartz, SMPSP

"James Bond" Blonde:
Paves said this look is incredibly versatile and can be worn by any face shape because of the side fringe. The layering around the face also suits any face shape and the color works with many complexions. But because it's more of an ash blonde, Paves recommended that women with golden skin tones avoid this exact shade.

"Luckily today, inspired by the ever evolving celebrity looks, we have made it very easy and affordable to achieve the looks you have always wanted with extensions and wigs," said Paves.

And while these styles look great on the big screen, it's important to look at them as inspiration and then tailor them to real life. Paves recommends finding a style that is intended for your texture and won't take a lot of time to style. Then adjust the color to suit your skin tone and the layers to enhance the features you love most about your face.

"Don't compare yourself too much to the photos of Angelina (or any other celeb)," Paves added. "Its 'you', just inspired by their look. Make it your own and wear it with great confidence!"

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