Dear StyleList,

Here on the beautiful coast of sunny southern California, San Diego might seem more like an oasis for easy living and a laid-back lifestyle than a fashion capital. Not so. Among the surfers and the beach bums is a wealth of fashion trends, cool summer styles, and a fresh take on beauty.

Jessica Biel and Rachel Bilson's ombre locks. Photos: Dominique Charriau, | Dominique Charriau,

Hair: Following the "beach-bohemian" look, hair seems to have taken a lighter side for summer. So long, highlights, though; the newest trend is a brush-on technique, in which hair stylists brush on strips of color for a much more natural effect. Another hair trend is ombre, with hair that fades in color from top to bottom, with the tips the lightest part. It makes hair look sun-kissed and carefree.

Eyes: Eyes are no longer taking on a dark, smoky look, as seen in the winter. This summer many women have been experimenting with bright colors, like neons, teals and pastels, to enhance the color of their eyes. A hot trend I have been seeing frequently are eyes lined with teal, or even lavender. It gives the eye an added pop. I have found that lavender colors (M.A.C. Cosmetics has some really great shades right now) especially complement brown eyes.

Drew Barrymore and Lauren Conrad's bright pink lips. Photos: Robyn Beck, AFP,Getty Images | Wireimage

Lips: If you are not doing a bright eye, and sticking more to the bronze, neutral tones of summer, the lips are a good way to give your face a summery pop. I have found that pink - light, pale or bright - is the emerging color for the season. M.A.C. Cosmetics recently came out with the Lady Gaga/Cyndi Lauper line, containing a broad range of fabulous pink shades. For summer, most San Diegans like to keep it light, and using dabs of color is a great way to stay simple and stylish.

Nails: Matte nails have become a huge trend. Soft greens, blues and purples, like those in the OPI Shrek Collection, are great summer colors. Also, a new, emerging trend here is Minx nails, which have begun spreading here from nearby L.A.

When it comes to style, we're not about to be outdone by our glamorous neighbor to the north. We may be hanging out at the beach by day, but at night we're ready to shine.

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