Kendall Jenner twit pic

Kendall Jenner -- in too deep? Photo: Twitter

Yet another member of the Kardashian clan is posing in a string bikini, but this time the photo shoot is bound to stir up more than a Photoshop controversy.

Kendall Jenner, 14, the stunning half-sister of Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian, did a sexy beach photo shoot this week as part of a two-day session with photographer Nick Saglimbini, according to Kim Kardashian's personal blog.

Jenner, who has already posed for Forever 21 and Nordstrom, is under contract with the Wilhelmina modeling agency.

Kim Kardashian was so excited about her sister's turn in front of the lens, that she even loaned Jenner her personal stylist, Monica Rose, to attend to her needs on the shoot.

For one of her bikini pics, Jenner squats with her arms partially obscuring her bust and midriff. In several other shots, her tiny bikini top is partially obscured by two sheer, long-sleeve cover-ups. Her makeup is low-key and her long hair is worn down in soft, beachy waves.

Kardashian gushed of the pics: "They turned out sooo gorgeous!! I am so proud of Kendall. She's going to take over the modeling world, just watch." Jenner was also tweeting about the shoot, making an announcement that she was posting several of the photos on her Facebook page.

While the teenage brunette is no doubt a looker, there are sure to be some who say it's too much too soon for Jenner: Consider the recent uproar when Heather Locklear's daughter, Ava Sambora, strutted the catwalk for her father Richie's White Trash Beautiful fashion line.

Even some of Kardashian's blog fans were complaining, with one calling Jenner a future "skeever." Ouch!

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