Stella McCartney Run Glow Jacket Adidas

Stella McCartney Run Glow jacket, $175, available at Photo courtesy of Adidas

Ready to glow with the flow?

Stella McCartney is. The designer has introduced a glow-in-the-dark range for her Fall/Winter 2010 Adidas collection, according to a company press release.

Woo-hoo! Now we can stop sticking glow sticks down our jog bras during those late-night runs.

Designed to improve safety and visibility, the bright new wares include the Run Glow jacket ($175), which boasts a feisty leopard print, and the Run Glow Marialith Runner footwear line ($120), both available at

"Running is one of our most popular categories and for me to make it have its own point of view is really key," McCartney says in the release.

"I think that we did it this season in a direct way by looking at glow-in-the-dark.

"When you are running in an urban environment, you need to feel safe, when people can see you coming and stand out, especially in winter when it gets dark earlier.

"But at the same time we used it on a leopard print, so it's not so masculine and graphic."

No kidding... we're almost tempted to skip the jogging path and head straight to a rave.

Stella McCartney Run Glow Marialith Running footwear Adidas

Stella McCartney Run Glow Marialith Runner footwear, $120, available at Photo courtesy of Adidas

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