Rag & Bone storefront East Houston New York City

Rag & Bone's new storefront on East Houston in New York City. Photo: Bryan Ziegler

The Rag & Bone guys know what fashions people buy in bulk – jeans and shoes – and are giving it to them.

Marcus Wainwright and David Neville's Rag & Bone are opening a shop on New York's East Houston Street today, which will specialize in jeans, basic shirts and shoes.

"We want to highlight a different part of our line – the more classic categories of jeans, tops, knits and shoes," Wainwright told StyleList, at a preview earlier this week.

"These are the building blocks of people's wardrobes. This is where you'll come for the classic pieces that have always been in the Rag & Bone line." Rag & Bone jeans cost between $180 and $200 and the most popular fit is the skinny, though the straight leg and stiletto boot cut are rising on the horizon.

The wide open, white tiled space is the former Café Colonial restaurant.

"We kept a lot of it," Wainwright says, gesturing, "the sign's over there and we kept the tiles, the floor's the same. This space has a lot of character. We didn't want to rip it out and start over – that's not what we do, none of our stores have been like that."

The need for a basic store grew organically from customer demand. "We've always done jeans since we've started, but they never really fit with the fashion show," he explains. "We're going to sell it on our website," but for now, it has a home.

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