Jennifer Aniston keeps her travel style casual-chic at London's Heathrow Airport. Photo: Splash News

This weekend, we're hopping a plane out of town in search of cooling island breezes. And while we're certainly excited about our eventual destination, we're nervous about the flight there: endless security lines, cramped seating, throwing elbows to secure overhead space.

It's hard to look good when you're stressed and sardined into an overnight flight. So for this installment of The Weekender, we've put together a go-to inflight travel outfit that will take you from takeoff to touchdown in style.

Style tips:
  • Even Lady Gaga knows that stilettos and airports do not mix (same goes for leather chaps). You should also nix sneakers: Holding up the security line to untie them will make you no friends. The best footwear for flying will always be a chic pair of flats. This peep toe ballerina version is perfect for summer.
  • Another rookie flightwear mistake? Jeans. In addition to hurting your chances for an upgrade, they're also incredibly uncomfortable on long-haul flights. Opt instead for a soft pair of leggings and a versatile waterfall cardigan. They feel like PJs but still allow you to look put together.
  • The best way to combat jetlag is to try to reset your timeclock to the destination that you're traveling to. This Michael Kors Jet Set watch will help you do just that, allowing you to track the time in multiple destinations. And thinking of yourself on island time will help distract from the stale air and even staler food.
  • If there's one travel accessory worth spending money on, it's a good leather carryon. They last forever, look better the more you beat them up, and instantly upgrade your look with a touch of luxury.