Kate Hudson jumpsuit

Kate Hudson suits up. Photo: Dennis Stone, Rex / Rex USA

Where are Goose and Iceman when you need 'em?

Giving new meaning to the term "flight suit," Kate Hudson donned a less-than-flattering "Top Gun"-esque jumpsuit at London's Heathrow Airport.

And here we thought chaps and heel-less shoes were the bottom of the in-flight fashion barrel.

In addition to the baggy getup, the usually chic Hudson hit turbulence with her sloppy, straight-outta-bed hair bun and incongruent accessories including suede boots, oversized sunglasses (where are the aviators?), and a printed scarf tied to her boho fringed handbag.

Here's hoping homegirl was wearing something a bit more stylish underneath her coveralls. Lord knows there was room!

Clearly, she didn't read our advice on what to wear for a long flight.

And in other fashion faux pas news, 76-year-old Giorgio Armani hit the beach in a white Speedo.