Lindsay Lohan tattoo court

Lindsay Lohan and her "secret" tattoo in an LA courtroom, pre-jail. Photo: Getty Images

No shady prison ink for Lindsay Lohan.

Oh no. The starlet -- now serving jail time for violating her probation -- flashed a brand-new tattoo just prior to going behind bars, TMZ reports.

The new ink features what appears to be an angelic young girl (sound like anyone we know? Um, no!) and was barely visible on the actress's left arm when she appeared at court to turn herself in.

Lohan had the outline done at the Shamrock Social Club Tattoo Parlor in Hollywood, Calif., and was drawn to "the innocence of the girl," sources tell TMZ.

Opposites really do attract!

Pity Lohan didn't have the tat completed sooner -- it might have had more sway with the judge than, say, an expletive-filled manicure.

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