january jones season 4 premiere mad men betty draper pale blue bow blouse pearls blazer

January Jones as Betty Draper on the "Mad Men" Season 4 premiere. Photo courtesy of AMC

It was the moment "Mad Men" fanatics had been waiting for with baited breath: Season 4 finally kicked off and, predictably, with plenty of style.

In the first 10 minutes, as viewers got a glimpse at the new offices of Sterling Cooper (now Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price), we also got a preview of what the wardrobes of our favorite office dwellers, Peggy and Joan, might look like this season.

A sign of the show moving deeper into the '60s (the first episode is set circa Thanksgiving 1964), the palette for both women, along with Don, has become more muted, with Peggy opening the show in a chocolate-brown pencil skirt and a mustard-colored blouse with a bowed Peter Pan collar, while Joan spiced things up in one of her signature curve-hugging hourglass dresses, also in brown. (She later wears the same silhouette in both red and navy).

In addition to her new office, Peggy also showed off an upgraded hairdo consisting of side-swept bangs and a new under-the-ear bob with more volume at the root than we'd seen in previous seasons. The new style serves as a little nod to the revolutionary bob cut that Vidal Sassoon introduced just a year before.

Betty also followed suit with increased volume, mixing up her formal 'do by adding lots of height up top and ditching her signature side part during a Thanksgiving dinner with her new beau, then later on in the episode taming it down into her usual flipped-at-the-ends coif.

As for her clothing, the disgruntled housewife played with color a little more than the other female leads, donning a bright red dress at the Thanksgiving dinner, as well as a pale blue blazer, blouse, and skirt for a date night. Both outfits came with bows affixed to the neckline, a big trend in episode 1 and most likely looking forward.

The runaway sartorial winner of the night was hands-down Joan's navy secretary dress featuring stiff ruffles with white piping decorating the neck and bustline. We. Want. Now.

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