Robert Pattinson R Pant marks and spencer

The R Pant in Microskin (top) and Ribbed Cotton (bottom). Photos courtesy of Marks & Spencer

Want to get into Robert Pattinson's pants?

Kristen Stewart might have something to say about that, but even her famous scowl can't stop you -- or the guys -- from slipping on Marks & Spencer's new RPattz-inspired men's underwear line.

The British department store is set to launch its slim-fit "R-Pant" collection in the fall, available at an affordable £12 ($18.59) for a pack of two, according to a company press release.

"Over the last three years we've seen an increase in the popularity of hipsters, and combined with fashion styling, the new Limited range, launching in September 2010 for Autumn/Winter, is designed to appeal to a younger, fashion savvy customer," Richard Beale, M&S menswear head of merchandising, says.

The skimpy manties are designed to suit slim-cut garments, and come in ribbed cotton, brushed cotton, and microskin, with flashy contrast paneling to boot.

Just add skinny jeans and some greasy hair. Fangs optional.

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