Lindsay Lohan mugshot

Lohan's mugshot. Photo: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department via WireImage

Lindsay Lohan may be pulling her hair out in jail, but jail officials aren't.

Staff at the Lynwood Correctional Facility insist they have not ordered the imprisoned starlet to take out her blonde hair extensions as is standard protocol because they have been sewn in close to her scalp, the LA Times reports.

(Guess she didn't go to Britney's guy.)

Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore told the paper that extensions are typically removed when they are detachable, but Lohan's are bonded.

And while Lohan may have gotten a lucky break, the locks loophole isn't exactly endearing her to other inmates, who reportedly claim that the newly inked actress is getting special treatment.

Wait 'til they find out she's reportedly getting released next week thanks to jail overcrowding and "good behavior," serving just 13 days out of her 90-day sentence.

Meanwhile, check out Lohan as a gun-licking nun on the poster for her new movie.