Angela Cosmai Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner. Courtesy Photo

I love anything that smells good -- especially hair products.

I have spent countless hours in the shampoo aisle performing sniff tests on every fruit, herb, essential oil and flower-scented bottle, tube and spray. So when I received a sample of Angela Cosmai's Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner, $26, the first thing I did was pop off the lid and inhale. And, Mmm, what a warm and delicious scent it was.

You know how vanilla fragrance can sometimes be too sweet? This wasn't. Like the depth of a good cup of coffee, the aroma of this conditioner is vanilla beans -- comforting, relaxing and very inviting. That's probably why the packaging touts "aromatherapy packed spheres of vanilla beans." It also claims to "provide renewed shine and optimum nourishment, resulting in better hair quality."

No doubt it already lived up to the aromatherapy part. But as far as being a product that would do everything else, I was skeptical. Can you really trust a label when it comes to your hair?

So the next morning, I tried it. Granted, the directions say to apply after shampooing, cover hair with a plastic cap and then sit under a dryer for maximum benefits. But, being a busy girl, like all of you, I only had time to leave it in while I finished the rest of my soaping/shaving/showering ritual.

I rinsed with cool water and immediately noticed my hair felt silky soft. Uh-oh, hope I didn't put too much in, I thought (even though I only used a dime-sized amount). Then I'd be left with flat hair all day -- at least it would smell good though, right?

Ten pleasant-filled minutes later (you can still smell the vanilla beans while blow-drying), I was surprised. Not only was my hair not flat (which would be a good day in the summertime humidity), it was shiny, smooth and full of life. I noticed a big difference when I used the flat iron too. Usually, my hair can feel a bit rough between the heated blades, but today it slid right through.

When I was finished, my hair looked better than it had in a long time. Imagine if I had put a plastic cap on it (do I even have one of those?) and sat under a dryer. Maybe tomorrow. But for now, I'm not even using hairspray because I don't want to cover up that yummy vanilla bean scent that is still wafting in the air.

Granted, $26 may seem steep for conditioner, but this is the type of product you only need once or twice a week. And because you use just a small amount, it should last for months.

You can check out Angela Cosmai's full line here.

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