Characters like "Mad Men's" sassy and stylish Joan Holloway have inspired a new line of nail polish. Photo: AMC

Is there anything as retro-classic as a shiny, perfectly filed and lacquered manicure?

We expect to see some of that hedonistic glamour as well as a nod to the mod 60's pastel pearl when 'Mad Men' designer Janie Bryant partners with polish maker Nailtini on four limited edition shades this Fall.

Bryant -- who is also keeping busy designing a Mad Men-inspired clothing collection for QVC -- says she was inspired by popular cocktail dress fabrics used during the 1960's era when designing the nail polishes. (Think the sumptuous lamés, velvets and satins that characters Betty, Joan and Peggy often sashay through episodes in.)

The shade names will be Bourbon Satin, French 75, Deauville and Stinger, and will be a brown, gold, platinum and iridescent, respectively.

C'est trés chic.

A piece of the allure will retail for $14 a pop, and will launch this fall in CVS Beauty 360 and Duane Reade's Look stores.

Partner Nailtini is a flirtatious beauty brand (of which there is also a 'Liptini' and 'Eyetini'), that plays on the idea of mixing your own cocktail of nail, lip and eye colors from the online 'tini bar.

The polishes can be worn for straight-up pops of color, or layered for a totally customized look and texture, not unlike CND's line of Color & Effects polishes.

With a book, clothing line and now nail polish line in the works, Mad Men seems to have reached a Sex and the City-like fever pitch of popularity.

We're waiting for the customized cupcakes next.

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