Betsey Johnson Eloise Suite The Plaza

Betsey Johnson in the Eloise Suite at The Plaza in New York City. Photo courtesy of The Plaza

Eloise and Betsey Johnson seem to be cut from the same cloth.

They both break the rules, whether doing cartwheels on a catwalk or commandeering the elevator at the Plaza Hotel. Which is probably why Johnson was asked to bring the fictional six-year-old's suite to life.

"I do kind of seem to be the perfect kid to do this," Johnson told StyleList at the suite's press preview Thursday. "My reputation is of being pink and fun – I think they got my brand."

The room, on the 18th floor, is a pink palace, fully decked out with black and white zebra carpeting, two different kinds of rose-printed upholstery, sayings from Eloise scattered around the room and her name in neon above the king size bed.

"It has a nice Plaza classiness," Johnson described. "It's obviously what it should be. I read the books and was looking for a clue. Once I came here and saw what I had to work with. It's basically just fabric, paper and paint."

Rooming with Eloise is not cheap -- rates for the suite start at $995 per night – but it includes a monogrammed Eloise bathrobe, a $100 gift card to the Eloise shop, an Eloise camera, a framed photo of the guest inside the suite, and an Eloise book.

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