"The Bachelorette" Fedotowsky in her finale dress. Photo: Matt Klitscher, ABC

"The Bachelorette" star Ali Fedotowsky will reportedly receive a Neil Lane engagement-ring proposal -- "on bended knee" -- from one of her two final suitors on the show's Aug. 2 season finale, a source tells StyeList.

But will the unlucky-in-love Massachusetts beauty give her chosen one a fashionable yes?

While you'll have to tune in to see the outcome, we do have the scoop on what the pretty blonde will be wearing as the drama unfolds: Fedotowsky was outfitted for her Bora Bora proposal scenes in a shimmering champagne-colored, silk-chiffon customized Alberto Makali gown, selected for her by the show's resident stylist, Cary Fetman.

The gown, which originally had straps, was altered to suit the reality star's desire for a strapless look that was "soft and flowing," according to sources familiar with her choice.

Some of the original version's crystal beading was removed from along the bustline for a more subtle effect.

"She wanted to look glamorous but also be relaxed and comfortable," one source revealed to StyleList.

After considering several options, Fedotowsky chose the Makali gown because it suited her vision of how she wanted to look for a possible proposal, the source adds. "It really was her dream dress and she had no regrets." (About the dress, anyway!)

As for the ring, which will be center stage at the "most dramatic final-rose ceremony, ever," jeweler to the stars Neil Lane once again assumes his role as the show's go-to bling bearer.

But fans of this reality franchise-turned soap opera know designer gowns and celebrity-style engagement rings rarely mean happy endings (shout-out to Jake Pavelka), so we're expecting some inevitable drama surrounding Fedotowsky's designer-clad romantic conclusion.

"It's a great finale, terrific really, and not like any we've had on the show," a source familiar with the ABC show tells StyleList. "There are a lot of twists and turns, and it will be really really interesting for viewers to see how it turns out."

Will the ring be presented to "The Bachelorette" by her most valuable player -- the refined baseball-ace turned salesman Roberto Martinez? He is, after all, the man who had her at "hello."

Or will Fedotowsky surprise viewers by choosing rugged and witty landscaper Chris Lambton as her final-rose recipient? (A sweet, but unlikely scenario, according to "The Bachelorette" rumor mill and our sources.)

No word yet on whether both Martinez and Lambton met with Lane to choose engagement rings for Fedotowsky or if only one of the final two contemplated a proposal.

The finale comes as a variety of intriguing rumors circulate about Fedotowsky's choices. Normally spot-on "Bachelorette" blogger Reality Steve has been reporting for weeks that Fedotowsky ends the season single, while Us Weekly has done two cover stories that suggest she's engaged to Martinez and planning a 2011 wedding. And now tabloids have begun hinting that she's hooked up with pro football player Matt Leinart. (Our source shot that rumor down with an emphatic "No!")

StyleList has learned that ABC closed the set for the recent filming of its post-production "After the Final Rose" special, where Fedotowsky met with Martinez, Lambton, and another finalist, Frank Neuschaefer, to discuss the season's outcome.

Neuschaefer, who at times seemed to be Fedotowsky's favorite, dumped her during filming to rekindle a relationship with an old girlfriend in his native Chicago.

The "ATFR" show has been filmed without a studio audience only one other time: When former "Bachelor" Jason Mesnick dumped his chosen one, Melissa Rycroft, for runner up Molly Malaney. Hmm.

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