woman short dress vatican

Watch those hemlines and bare arms, ladies! Photo: Getty Images

The Vatican's Swiss Guards are now cracking down on tourists sporting shorts, skirts, and exposed shoulders throughout the entire Vatican City State, the Telegraph reports.

Though previously the Pope's guards had only insisted on conservative dress for those entering St. Peter's Basilica -- even First Lady Michelle Obama donned a black veil while visiting last summer -- the new code reportedly also applies to the Vatican's pharmacy, post office, and grocery store.

Inappropriately dressed visitors have been denied entry or been forced to buy shawls and long pants, according to the paper.

Yikes. We're all for being respectful, but we have a hard time accepting fashion critiques from guards dressed like colorful court jesters.

The widespread crackdown has reportedly been met with charges of hypocrisy considering the ongoing accusations of misconduct surrounding the Catholic Church.

"Given all the scandals the Church has been involved in, what possible right can it have to be preaching about the morality of sleeveless dresses?" one woman told the Telegraph.

What's your take? Should the Catholic Church have a right to say how all Vatican City visitors dress? Leave a comment!

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